I've started playing since I was a kid, in the Turin underground area. in 25 years I played and I had several collaborations with great italian musicians. performances, concerts, recording sessions had been my hystory since 1992. that is my primitive emotion and still it is. My musical activity brings me to elaborate new kind of perceptions, I like to be involved in everything that I consider pure and exciting. no matter if it's music, painting, visual art, acting, or whatever else. I believe in the complete freedom in art expression. and freedom lives inside the possibility of sharing different artistical meanings. I'm absolutely thankfull to all the incredible musicians I've worked with, which brought my art to a higher level.

I’ve been married to music since my first memory, when, sitting on the floor at home, I watched a John Lennon concert at Madison Square Gardens on tv, in utter amazement. 
Since then, music has been constantly at my side. It’s been company, an adviser, the generator of every curiosity.. 
Today, after many years of playing on stage, I’ve decided to open up my musical baggage and describe this long journey in all its various forms, in all its various colours. 
It’s a bit like being naked, but also about not taking yourself too seriously.

In.Visible is my new skin. The tribute to the music that inspired me for many many years and for what will come in the future.

stay connected: the journey is still long.

thank you



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